Friday, September 05, 2008

John McCain: He's no Sarah Palin

Wassup, Y'all!

Man, based on that snoozefest acceptance speech that Citizen McCain gave during a moment that provided his best opportunity to present himself to the nation ol Ty is thinkin' the Republicans need to shuffle the top and bottom of their ticket. After all, it's not like they arent making the case that Sarah Palin (Say-Pay) is more than ready to lead the nation at this point in her long and storied political career...

I'm sure the speech would have sounded much better coming from Say-Pay who, only the night before, wowed the convention and TV audiences with her folksy, Dana Carvey Church Lady delivery. Flush Rimjob waxed on about it the next day on his radio show saying, 'I didn't want it to end!'. Contrast that with Citizen's speech last night and I think there was nary a person in the country, Republican or Democrat, who couldn't wait for it to end. That joint was brutal.

If I'm not mistaken, I thought I heard George Stephanopoulos mention on the ABC pre-speech coverage that the speech had been written for a least a month and that Citizen had been working on it's delivery all that time. Wow. If that's true my friends, how would that joint have come off if he hadn't had time to practice it? I know, I know - it ain't all about speeches, it's about substance and ideas, but after an eight year flow of malapropisms pouring out of GW's mouth, isn't it about time for someone who can bring *all* those skills to the table?

After all - the President of the United States is also our representative on the world stage - if we're impressed with him/her, the world will no doubt be as well. I have to admit, I like Citizen McCain (or I should say 'liked' him before his wholesale embrace of the conservative right) but ol boy really doesn't inspire me and it seems after that speech, he really doesn't advocate a direction that's too far away from the one we've been heading down.

I'm sure everyone at the convention last night wished the two nights had been reversed and they ended with Say-Pay's speech. Despite the fact that it wasn't very factual or truthful - it was good theater, y'all. You have to give her that. She'd be a good addition to the cast of 'Desperate Housewives' don't you think? Shrill voice, cougar hotness, rugged husband, frisky daughter - it's all there. Guess she'll just have to settle for her #2 role on 'Desperate Republicans'.

In the meantime - Citizen! Call this number right away - 1-800-TOASTMASTERS!

*** Update ***
Reuters is reporting that Citizen's speech was seen by 38.9 million viewers - a new convention viewing record. The bad news? Smooth Barack's record only lasted a week since his 38.3 million viewers got topped by 600,000. The good news? 38.9 million viewers saw that snoozefest speech - that can only translate into new votes for Obama :-)



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