Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why The Sotomayor Pick is Brilliant

Wassup, Y'all!

This is the kind of stuff that happens when you have someone with an IQ higher than a potato sitting in the Oval Office. With his selection of Sonia Sotomayor as his first (and hopefully first of many) Supreme Court picks, Smooth Barack has set in motion a chain of events that will have the Hispanic (westside) population trending Democratic for years to come. How? Follow me into the jump, y'all...

When it comes to Supreme Court nominations, y'all know just how it goes. The opposition party does a lot of hemmin' and hawin' and goes out of its way to find reasons why the pick should not be confirmed. In this case, since the opposition party is the Republican party (soon to be known as the Repulsive Party if they don't quit clownin') *and* since the Republicans have a history of shrill, xenophobic, homophobic and sexist knee jerk commentary (i.e. they really don't think through their arguments too well before shootin' off at the mouth with ridiculous statements) you know they're going to be trashin' poor Sista Sonia in the worst ways. And there's the rub, y'all. Westsiders are SKY HIGH over her well deserved nomination and rightly so. Not only does homegirl have a peerless legal resume, but, as Smooth pointed out in his presentation speech, she has a truly American story of hard work leading to high reward.

So this background will be contrast with the crass Republican smear machine that will literally seek to reduce such a well regarded legal mind to a unqualified, activist judge who was only nominated because she was 1) a westsider and 2) a woman. My westside homeys will get to see just how (dis)honorably Republicans will act during this process and how out of touch their views are with the mainstream. I'll bet a tall dollar that by the end of the confirmation process any westsider who identifies with the Republican party now, will be questioning that choice when the dust settles. And that will be all good for 2012, y'all. All good.

The ridiculous Republican jibber-jabber has already started with the likes of Flush Rimjob and Newt Gingrich claimin' that Sista Sonia is a 'racist' and Mike Huckabee (after figuring out what ol girl first name wasn't 'Maria' - too much West Side Story for homey) claim that her seating would turn the Supreme Court into the 'Extreme Court'. The confirmation hearings are going to be MUST SEE TV, y'all. I'm lookin' forward to those joints like a Chicago Style hotdog in the summer.

Got to give it up to Smooth, y'all. He figured out a way to select a supremely qualified Supreme Court nominee, help westsiders realize that southsiders aren't their enemies, teach the nation how to properly pronounce 'Sotomayor' *and* get the westside voting population to see the Republican Party for what it really represents...homogeneous folks out of touch with the changing make up of the country. Well played, Smooth. Well played.



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