Saturday, June 27, 2009

Curtain Finally Closes on Jena 6

Wassup, Y'all!

According to USA Today, the Jena 6 case - a northside/southside dustup gone bad first reported here almost two years ago - has finally come to a legal conclusion.

It seems a little unsatisfying given the previously reported details of the case since five of the six had to plead 'no contest' to misdemeanor simple battery charges, but ol Ty has to admit that's a far cry from the attempted murder charges first filed against the six.

Seems they could have just come to this conclusion from jump street and saved folks a lot of grief and aggravation but - as with most things now - it is what it is. For the first Jena Sixer tried - Mychal Bell - his earlier conviction on second degree battery charges remains in effect as does is 18 month bid.

Given how heinous this all could have turned out for 'The Six' these boyz have to consider themselves extremely fortunate for 1) the power of public scrutiny and 2) the power of money to hire good attorneys. Similar cases back in the day would have surely netted this crew 20-to-life or worse...much worse. I guess in a twisted kind of way we can call this 'progress'.



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Basement Lights Dim for Michael Jackson

Wassup, Y'all!

You know something serious has happened for Ol Ty to interrupt his moving prep posting hiatus to drop a timely post. More on the move at a future date, y'all but right now, I'm a brother in serious mourning for The King of Pop

To tell you how out of the blue this was for me, I'm doing my thing and get a IM from Lady E. who asked, "Have you heard about Jacko?" To which I reply, "No, what's the fool done now?" To which she replies, "He's dead". To which I reply, "Whaaaaat!? Quit playin'"

Three seconds later I'm tuned to CNN and learning that the talent of the century has truly given up the ghost. Wow. It's the curse of the threes, y'all. Ed McMahon, Farrah and now MJ. He was the Mike everyone wanted to be like way before Jordan brought his tongue waggin' to the court.

I prefer to remember Mike from his Off The Wall/Thriller days before he completely morphed from a southsider into a soft spoken alien being, but boy did homey leave behind a body of work that will never be duplicated.

Rest in Peace (finally) brother Mike. And seriously, dude - thanks for the many, many memories.



Monday, June 15, 2009

Think Iran's bad? Let Something Happen to Obama

Wassup, Y'all!

The ruckus in Iran is pretty intense, but I'm glad to see that the Iranians aren't playin' the fool any more and are willing to sacrifice life and limb to fight for what they believe is right.

In this case what's wrong appears to be a minority candidate that got backdoored out of the Presidency by the incumbent who's intent to hang on to power by any means necessary. What's right is those who don't believe in the bogus election returns gettin' all Public Enemy-like to fight the power.

I shot a tweet out yesterday that alluded to me thinkin' this is how we should have reacted when GW stole the 2000 election. I know folks are thinkin', 'Now Ty, you know we're more 'civilized' over here and we resolve our differences through the court system'. True, but what happens when the (Supreme) court system fails you as well? I'm thinkin' in that case the only recourse is to take to the streets Iranian-style...

In the aftermath of the recent right-wing madness that culminated in the assassination of George Tiller by an unhinged 'Pro-Lifer' and the senseless murder of Steven Tyrone Johns, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum security guard killed by an old school, unrepentent, life long white supremacist type, I'm noticing a palpable uptick of nervousness among my southside peeps related to the health and welfare of Smooth Barack. The cause of this nervousness can't be better expressed than it is here by Frank Rich's Washington Post Op-Ed piece entitled, 'The Obama Haters’ Silent Enablers'. I dare any Smooth Barack supporter to read that joint without having her hair stand on end.

Essentially, it makes the point that if there's some right-wing nutjob willing to take out a George Tiller based on his belief that he was a mass-murderer - a view fueled by right wing commentators - Bill O'Reilly in particular. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize the real danger posed to the first southside President given the insane, irrational and false rhetoric that continues to pour out of the conservative right-wing ranks. Things like Smooth is really a closet Muslim (no that didn't die during the election) or that Smooth is not a natural born citizen (no that didn't die during the election) or that Smooth is no longer a Socialist (which he isn't) but is actually a Fascist or that Smooth is a part of of a 'dangerous global movement' known as the 'Muslim Brotherhood'. Every last one of those assertions is false yet it doesn't stop desperate conservatives from continuing to put it out there and consistently refusing to step up to refute any of it.

So say you're the next James von Brunn or Scott Roeder - an idiot with a gun, some bullets and a death wish - whose head is filled with this non-stop barrage of garbage about the President? What would you do? Exactly. Which brings me to my final point, y'all. Let some madness like that jump off and what will happen here in the street will make this Iran ruckus look like a southside family reunion once all the liquor is gone and folks who haven't contributed to the food start breakin' out their tin foil to take home most of the leftovers.

Y'all remember what happened in the streets when MLK got assassinated, right? Small potatoes, y'all. SMALL potatoes compared to the outcry that will jump off if the same fate befalls Smooth because now, southsiders aren't the only ones with a vested interest in seeing Smooth succeed. It's anybody with more than two brain cells. It's anybody tired of the same old hate-filled, divisive dialog that has been holding back the country's true potential for renewed greatness. It's all those folk who cast a vote for Smooth Barack.

I know what Martin taught - peaceful, non-violence. Yes - that has its place. But if these right-wing knuckleheads keep stirrin' the pot and the worst jumps off?? It's Malcom X all day, y'all. By any means necessary.



Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ty Finally Finishes 'The Wire'

Wassup, Y'all!

Ol Ty just finished the watching the final episode of the final season of the acclaimed HBO series 'The Wire' and is missin' that joint already

I stated shortly after I began my five season, sixty episode, journey that the show had already cemented itself as the best show I'd seen on TV. More than 100 hours later (as I did watch a lot of the episodes in bits and pieces - mostly on my cousin Mike Mike's iTouch) I stand by that. I've seen no episodic series better. The only thing that stands taller is the 'Roots' mini-series...

You want to talk about keepin' it real? Watch this joint, y'all. They didn't take any easy ways out and never went for the unrealistic happy ending in any of the many story threads they expertly wove into a tight, authentic, urban tapestry. You ever wonder why the urban school systems are so jacked up? Watch The Wire and get a clue. You want to know why the urban drug trade is perpetual? Watch The Wire. You want to know just how down and dirty city politics (Marion Berry and Boy King Kwame aside) are or why there always seems to be a sense of futility and inevitability among our southside city folk? Watch The Wire.

Never watered down and always on point. And now, at least for ol Ty, it's over and I'm takin' it real hard, y'all. I looked forward to every episode and I'm not sure I could have even watched that joint conventionally - a week at a time with a long, cold summer in between each fix. The iPod route was definitely the way to go. It got so bad that ol Ty was actually hopin to get caught in line or have a long a$$ wait in the doctor's office or airplane gate so I could just catch an episode undisturbed. That's when you know it's good, y'all. When you're actually fiendin' for the next 'hit' and when the credits roll after you've mainlined it, the first thought in your mind is 'Damn, that was deep' followed by 'Do I have enough time to squeeze in just a little more of the next one?'

I can't believe this joint never ended up the most lauded series on TV. For five seasons it stayed just out of the limelight - appreciated only by those in the know who all uniformly also considered it the best show they'd seen. It's like going to a broadway play and watching certain unknown actors sing, dance and act circles around any Hollywood star you've ever seen and you asking yourself how it's possible that they aren't themselves big stars? Then you consider yourself fortunate for having seen a true, undiscovered gem. That's The Wire, y'all.

Props to Lady E for puttin' ol Ty's feet on the path. I owe you big, homegirl! Hopefully, if this post encourages you to take your own peep at that joint, you'll be feelin' the same way about ol Ty. Then after *you* finish Episode #60 and you're lookin' for a sponsor as you dry out from your addiction, I should be ready for your call.