Saturday, February 11, 2006

Forget Grease - *L* is the Word

Wassup, Y'all!

Regular readers here at the Malone Zone will remember old Ty's early days when I had a regular penchant for posting glossys of smoking shortys. Between now and then, I've jibber-jabbered on a bunch of different topics but I'm happy to report that today marks a return to the golden days of vintage glossys so sit back and do some diligent reflection on exhibit A - Sarah Shahi who plays smoking westside club DJ, girl toy Carmen de la Pica Morales on the Showtime series The L Word. If she's not enough, read on to see why if you aren't checking that show out, you should stop and ax somebody y'all...

I have to admit that I first started watching The L Word for strictly shallow reasons - y'all know how I do. Truth be told, that joint is like your best boy's bachelor party - a legitimate reason to peep scantily clad women. With the bachelor party it's like "but baby - I'm just going cuz I'm Gin Fizz's boy and he'd be hurt if I didn't show...". For TLW it's just as close - it like "but baby, I'm just trying to get a deeper understanding of the lesbian culture so I won't be so judgemental...". See? Legimate peepin', y'all. And the thing about TLW is that most weeks the cast tends to be less scantily clad than most women on cable if you know what I'm sayin'. But after enjoying half of the first season (Season 3 is currently running now, y'all), ol Ty discovered that just like that warning that Bill Cosby dropped before each episode of the Cosby Kids cartoon on Saturday ("If you aren't careful you just might learn something"), suddenly I realized that there actually is a deeper understanding of the lesbian culture to get - who knew? I have to admit the show is really well done and if you tapped that link at the beginning to check 'Carmen's' background you'll see that the other actresses on the show aren't chopped liver either. But just when you get used to seeing Carmen jumping in and out of the shower with her girl, TLW will drop a *deep* dose of reality on a brother by intro'ing a character like Max/Moira - a confused shorty who's feels like a guy trapped in a woman's body. No, y'all - it's not all pretty on The L Word... It's about this time that I'll fast forward to other scenes with Carmen in them (refer to my previous 'shallow' comment above, y'all. There's no shame in my game...).

Now my boy DLT stepped out there and made the claim that Sarah Shahi has the best booty in televison. That's a bold statement given the wide expanse of cable TV booty available, not to mention the ghetto end of the dial known as UPN. So I'll drop the following glossy and let the readers chime in with their thoughts - pro or con. I'm an impartial 3rd party, y'all so my vote doesn't count so if you disagree, drop an alternate nominee - don't just hate. Me? I'm still morning the loss of Tisha Campbell from My Wife and Kids last season...

So if you have about 50 minutes to spare next Sunday night, continue your 'deep reflection' of Sarah by peepin an episode of TLW...hopefully you can TiVo that joint so you can fast forward through some of the deeper scenes...the water's fine at the shallow end of the pool, y'all.



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