Saturday, May 05, 2007

Michael Jackson - The Transformation

Wassup, Y'all!

I should be out from under it shortly, y'all. Hang tight. In the meantime, I've been wasting a lot of time perusing the blogosphere looking for timely issues. Somehow I hit on that funky ruckus between Eddie Murphy and Mel 'Scary Spice' B. (who is truly scary these days). Mel's so hot to get Eddie's DNA to prove he's the father of her baby that the rumor is she plans to cause a ruckus on the red carpet during the Shrek 3 premier. That would be some tacky, bogosity that could look a little something like this...

I'm sure all this has y'all askin' - 'Ty, what the hell does all this have to do with Michael Jackson'? You know how the web is - Eddie Murphy leads to the Michael Jackson video 'Remember The Time', the 'Remember The Time' video leads you to the Michael and Janet 'Scream' video and suddenly I'm posting about how damn much Michael Jackson's appearance has changed from then to now. Remember this Michael? Okay, I'll admit that somewhere between 'little' Michal Jackson and 'Big' Michael Jackson cute got left behind, but was it that bad?

When the morphing started, it wasn't actually pretty good. This shot is kinda close to that 'Thriller' look he had going on. An admitted improvement over Big Michael and it would have been a good place to call it a day. But we all know how it is when you think just one more little tweak will make a good thing great. In MJ's case, it was the top of a slippery slope that ol boy still seems to be sliding down. Clearly this Mike was still a little too brown, so he eased into what I'll kindly call 'the bleaching years'.

Here, ol boy is lighter, yet still not too bad. Yes, he's a little strange looking but not quite ready for a vacant slot in the Ripley's Believe it or Not tent. I had actually started getting used to this look and was ready to give ol boy the benefit of the doubt and say - okay, you're a little eccentric but you've still got talent pumping out of every pore.

Ol Ty was actually hopeful that this was the last stop for the transformation train, but it was not to be. Instead the train kept right on going, ran over Michael more than a few times and when it finally cleared the tracks, it left ol boy looking like this. As my boy Martin used to say: 'Awwww damn, damn, DAMN'! There's really no rational explanation for a look like this and I did ol boy a favor by not dropping that scary ass looking mug shot that got snapped leading up to his trial.

Which brings me sadly back to the 'Scream' video. Man, watching his videos shows you just how creative this brother is. He and Janet put together some tight azz dance concept videos back in the day and Scream is still a pleasure since they're both in it doing their thing. Compare their old stuff to the videos in rotation these days. No imagination, no innovation, scant creativity. It's all about excess, bling, hoochies, cars, G4s, yachts, blowing money makin' it rain, blah, blah, blah. Say what you want about Michael's azz, at least the brother wasn't unoriginal. Weird? Check. Insanely eccentric? Check. Sexually inoppropriate? Can't say. But that's one original brother. Check those videos out and tell me I'm lying.

In the meantime, I'm going back to work and tell Boss man Mr. Cholly to 'Stop Pressurin' Me' because it makes me wanna scream :-)



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