Monday, September 17, 2007

Despite Fiddy, Chamillionaire shows the way

Wassup, Y'all!

I've been feelin' Chamillionaire's cut 'Hip Hop Police' off his new album 'Ulimate Victory' for a few now for a couple reasons: 1) That joint is creative and funny and 2) it reminds me of the good old days of hip hop when MCs would tell relevant or entertaining stories with their raps rather than just rapping about being a thug, disrespecting shortys and enjoying the spoils of fame and money. I've also been feelin' Chamillionaire because his latest album has been released without the seemingly obligatory explicit lyrics warning label - an intentional consequence from an artist who seems to finally get it despite receiving derisive feedback from one of his own...

When told of Chamillionaire's choice to release a profanity free album that also intentionally avoids the use of the N-Word, 50 Cent had this to say to Spin magazine back in July: "Let (Chamillionaire) go sell gospel records, if he's so (expletive) righteous."

Man, where to start with Fiddy? This is one arrogant brother who seems to thrive on startin' beefs and stirring controversy to keep his own azz on the musical radar. He's definitely learned the necessary arts of self promotion and product cross promotion but this is also a brother who never seems to mind pushing his fellow artist down to raise himself up and ultimately, that type of behavior is going to catch up with him. It's no wonder that fool got caught a few caps to the body back in the day and it's probably the reason he wears that whack bullet proof vest at his concerts. All it takes is one, y'all.

So it comes as no surprise that Fiddy is back out there and apparently on the brink of 'retirement' due his recent boast that if his new album 'Curtis' doesn't outsell Kanye's West's new album, 'Graduation Day', in the first week he will retire from the game. As of Friday, Billboard "...reported Friday that Graduation leads with 781,000 copies sold over the 603,000 moved by 50 Cent's Curtis, according to projections."

The finish line is this Wednesday and I have to admit that some parts of Ol Ty are wishing that this recent Fiddy boast was more than just another promotion gimmick...



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