Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Limbaugh Caves - Booted out of NFL Team Bid

Wassup, Y'all!

As if ol Ty didn't see this comin'. Oh so satisfyin' news anyway but one way or another there was no way any group with Flush Rimjob as a partner was going to land an NFL franchise. An Idaho Klan compound maybe, but never an NFL franchise - not as pious as the NFL commissioner wants to make the league. If knucklehead players have to toe the line, it's nice to see that potential knucklehead owners don't even make it to the line.

So score a big one for Karma since I'm sure Flush was pretty much jonesin' to get his mitts on more oxycotin a franchise and smoke his big a$$ stogies in the owner's suite and expound on how all the suckers who buy his snake oil every day have allowed him to pony up the dough for such a thing. But sometimes, money doesn't talk and the persona that you've built up by consistently denigrating minorities comes back to haunt you. What goes around, comes around. You gotta love that.



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