Tuesday, March 07, 2006

That Nigga's Crazy

Wassup, Y'all!

No I ain't talking about Richard Pryor's dope 1974 comedy album, - wish I was. Y'all remember that track 'Have Your A$$ Home by 11'? That joint *still* cracks me up. Sadly, y'all the 'nigga' I'm talking about is that silly a$$ negro Damon Wayans. Regular readers of the Malone Zone will recognize old Tyrone has never been a fan of that whack Wayans family humor (In Living Color is the one exception). It seems I've been the only one out of the loop on DW's latest whack idea - to trademark the term 'Nigga' for an apparel and retail line of merchandise. Two snaps up to Northside Shorty for hooking a brother up with this 'Ghost of Christmas Future' glossy. I caught this jibber-jabber while peeping the Defamer blog and they snapped it up from Wired.com. Only a Wayans could think this is a good idea...

First, let me say that I think when it comes to this particular topic it's best discussed 'in house' among Southsiders. Just like it's okay for family members to crack on a member of their family but if a kid from another family does it - it's lights out for homeboy. The same thinking applies here. The "N-Word" is still too racially charged for it to be thrown around freely between Northsiders and Southsiders and Southsiders need to recognize that the more we do it, the more everyone else thinks it's all good to drop that bad boy in mixed company. This Damon Wayans Tom Foolery just feeds into that whack thinking.

A while back some email directed me to a offensive T-Shirt site on the web that propped T-shirts like the one pictured in the cartoon glossy. You know that's just wrong (and I have to admit that the site was an equal opportunity offender cracking on pretty much every racial stereotype out there) but the owners justified propping their offensive gear by referring to Dave Chappelle's Chappelle Show. Their reasoning was that if Dave could drop racial humor like that, they could too - didn't matter that they weren't Southsiders. See y'all? A slippery slope. In fact, Dave pretty much admitted on the Oprah show that the inappropriate racial humor on his show (that was fueling much of its popularity) was one of the reasons he decided to just walk away from all that chedder on the table (of course he was on Oprah to help prop his upcoming Dave Chappelle's Block Party movie...).

And then there's Damon Wayans trying to figure out how to trademark the word 'Nigga'. Damn - that brother really is Homey the Clown.



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