Thursday, June 16, 2005

Homeboy Shopping Network Purchase?

Wassup, Y'all!

Word has reached the Malone Zone that the Wayans brothers (seen above minus newly unemployed brother Damon) are looking to build a film studio on an old abandoned army base in Oak-Town. While I appreciate the boyz effort to redirect some duckets back into the community, I'm shuddering at the keyboard trying to visualize a green light for 'White Chicks 2' in 3D...

According to the article the base is only 70 acres so right off the bat you see the issues they're going to have trying to fit all the Wayans family members inside that joint. And just so we're straight, although I vibed with Keenan Ivory's In Living Color (maybe because it was only 30 minutes which seems to be the perfect sized slice of Wayans humor) I can't say I've been a fan of their movies (with the exception of A Low Down Dirty Shame - I liked Jade Pinkett's (pre Big Willy Style) Peaches character...). Shawn and Marlon are a little too over the top even for my a**. Some where along the line they forgot that with comedy - less is more, maaaaaan.

Anyway, looks like the deal will get done since for the moment they're up against that fearsome competition bidder Nobody. Dang - if I had some loot I'd jump in there just to make sure the deal *didn't* happen. Letting those boyz have their own film studio is like slipping a rock of crack to Dave Chappelle... Oh snap! Did I just type that out loud??



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