Friday, February 02, 2007

Day Finally Breaks! Episodes Up!

Wassup, Y'all!

** Update **

Per DLT's comment, has 3 more episodes to drop after the 4 mentioned below. Not sure when the drop date is yet but for those concerned readers, you can continue to get up-to-the-minutes updates over at the Daybreak Blog.

**** Update End ****

Quick hit - my boy DLT hipped me to the fact that ABC has finally put up the final episodes of Taye Diggs quickly canceled, but all good drama Daybreak over on (hit the 'Full Episodes' link at the top, then click the 'Launch Now' button to get to it. For some reason, they don't show a picture of Daybreak when you get to the 'Full Episodes' page. At any rate, they have the final four episodes up (last one is 1/29/07) and I'm assuming the last one will resolve everything with a nice little bow. I'll holler back with my thoughts on those joints once I get a chance to peep them so I can provide y'all with my expert opinion. :-)



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