Monday, February 12, 2007

Mary J. and her 55 closest friends...

Wassup, Y'all!

Come on now! For anybody who watched the Grammy's last night (or any award show for that matter) you have to feel me when I'm saying - STOP THE DAMN MADNESS WITH THE SHOUT OUTS! I know Mary J. is the girl and all (and two snaps up on your three well deserved G-Rammys, homegirl!) but I think ol girl is *still* thanking folks for her Grammy success*....

The official count for Mary J's acceptance speech shout outs clocked in at 55! 55, y'all! What kind of ruckus is that? You figure each shout out had to take at least 1 second so ol girl had the nerve to stand up there after she won her first trophy for almost a damn minute rolling through pretty much everybody - Ray Ray from around the way, Shontay's Salon for the tight Grammy weave, Tayquan who brings me my spring water everyday, Rita who keeps my bathroom tight with those Charmin Mega Rolls, my paperboy Calvin for gettin' my paper to me, y'all get the picture. Drive me a Chevrolet? How 'bout Write Me a Short Acceptance Speech?

It was too appropriate that Mary J. and Luda performed his hit Runaway Love cuz Luda's azz was at it too when he broke out his long list of shout outs after winning his hardware. I had to give him some props though for saving his final shout outs for critics Bill O'Reilly and Oprah. BOR I can understand but her royal O'ness? Dannng! Seems to me that ol girl could open more doors for homey than he could for himself but hell hath no fury like a brother feeling himself (Exhibit A: Bow Wow). That's a trip - Oprah's butt all caught up in a rap beef! Still it will be interesting to see/hear her reaction should she address his shout out publicly. Wonder if we'll see her thoughts in next month's O Magazine?

Finally, in a milestone side note - this happens to be ol Ty's 300th post! Damn - who knew a brother could type so much? It's been a long, fun ride since my first post back in July 2004. I appreciate my long time readers Pheebs (who dropped the first Malone Zone comment), 'Tini Mack, HD, NS Shorty, Mama, Wilson the maintenance man, Michael Dell for the laptop, Bill Gates for the software, Lil Pops down at Winky's, Mary J. Blige for showing a brother how to drop some shout outs... :-) Thanks, y'all.



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