Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ty! What's the Deal, Homey??

Wassup, Y'all!

I know y'all are missin' a brother - I miss me some me too, but there's been a little drama at Casa Malone. Seems Mama Malone was tired of have a 'grown a$$ man' (her phrase y'all, not mine) livin' up in her basement all rent free. Yes, I'm sad to say that the economic downturn has finally effected ol Ty. To help make ends meet, mama dropped an ultimatum on a brother so I had to get one of my boyz to hook me up with a (*gasp*!) job.

So now The Man's got ol Ty ALL STRUNG OUT! Got a brother slavin' into all hours of the day and night to pad his damn pockets with some paper. Somehow mama doesn't see the injustice of this all - she just likes the regular residuals hittin' her pocket book. So there you have it, y'all. Yet another jacked up turn of events thanks to GW's 'economic downturn'. Ol Ty dearly hopes to get back into regular rotation again once I can figure out how to get some fool to do my work for me (all Tom Sawyer like). Until then, things will be pretty spotty but don't think I won't be comin' back to handle my mine like you know I do.  Keep the faith, y'all! 



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