Friday, September 24, 2004

Them Goodies

Wassup, Y'all!

Back in effect. Been making my way through the 106 & Park rotation and still can't quite get all the hubbub surround that Ciara cut "Goodies". Now I admit, homegirl is the epitome of a slim goody (I'm talking slim) and you got to respect any sister in a hip-hop video these days talking about her goodies staying in the jar (even with Petey Pablo's a** roaming around - y'all know how he do). Y'all can judge the glossy for yourselves....


I think that's just one of those cuts that grows on you after awhile. Now LL's Headsprung video just makes a brother want to sneak through the back door (of the club) and live it up. Somehow my clubbing experiences never seem to match up with LL's though...

Speaking of sisters in hip-hop videos, looks like Lil' Kim's body guard C-Gutta is going to do a 12 year bid. I know y'all are saying wooooo, but seems to me he got off light after snapping twenty caps off. Maybe we can get Nelly to sport another bandaid in support of old C-Gutta. Dag and P. Diddy's boy Shyne only got a 10 year bid and is somehow making jailhouse videos with that hottie Ashanti. Only in America, y'all can you make more money in the hip-hop world by being 1) dead (Tupac & Biggie) or 2) a jailed felon (Shyne)



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