Friday, April 21, 2006

Venus & Serena : Milk Carton Alert!

Wassup, Y'all!

My how the distracted have fallen. Frequent readers of the Malone Zone may remember my August '05 post about the many irons in the fire Williams sisters have and how their focus on all things non-tennis was beginning to register on the bottom line - in the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Rankings and the WTA Tour Money Leaders lists. It appears our wannabe actresses / fashion models / clothing designers / interior designers are now nowhere to be found on the Money list and only semi-disciplined sister Venus is still in the Top 20 rankings, clocking in at a less than stellar 13th (I couldn't even find party-all-the-time sister Serena in the Top 100...) - 2,267 points off the pace of Amelie Mauresmo (who looks like she could qualify on the men's tour as well..)...

Seems our girls have now taken a page from the Anna Kournikova reference guide - "How to market yourself by leveraging professional tennis as a PR machine". I realize that slick Anna actually *never* won a professional tournament, but she sure has a lot of hot pictures orbiting the Internet!! It's a bit more disappointing with the Williams sistas since they're so inspiring to young southside shorty tennis hopefuls but I guess their off-court endeavours can be inspiring too. After all, everybody knows that we could sure use a few more bad TV actresses on UPN...



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