Thursday, January 25, 2007

Friday Crackbacks - 01/25/07

Wassup, Y'all!

Man, the hits just don't stop for I-Dub (Isaiah Washington - seen here with the object of his affection actor T.R. Knight). Now word is that the brother is seeking 'psychological counseling' for his homophobic outburst. Homey's going all out to save his job. I expect everyone is Hollywood is walking on eggshells to avoid conversations like this: You: "Hi Joe!" Joe: "High? I'm not high! What the fu*k! You callin' me a druggie now you goddamn jungle bunny?" You: "Jungle Bunny!? Man, I will rip your drunk a$$ Irish Mick face the fu#k off if you don't take that back!" Psychological counseling...that joint is completely out of control, y'all...

With the Oscar nominations out of the way and Beyonce once again standing to the left of the nominees, we can get to the real issue - daaaamn the Academy got straight medieval on Dreamgirls' a$$ by leaving it sittin' on the curb with *no* Best Picture nomination! I haven't seen all the nominated films yet so I can't say whether it was the right call or not (I suspect not) but I'll reserve judgment until I make my duly appointed rounds. Big ups to Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker, Will Smith and my inside man Djimon Hounsou (who, like Big Willy, pulled off his second nomination). Go 'head, y'all. Jennifer! Don't forget to forget mentioning Beyonce again during your acceptance speech, homegirl! This will be her last face cracking event of the award season so make it count!

Finally, y'all know I rarely repeat myself, but daaaaaaamn, Lil Kim is looking ROUGH! The Queen Bee's lookin' like she did a little time in priso...oh, my bad. Despite all the cheery pronouncements about her one year bid, ol girl is looking like she aged about ten years while sleepin' with one eye open. But I digress...apparently homegirl is getting set to executive produce and judge a new reality show designed to select the next Pussycat Doll. Now most folks would be smiling about such an assignment (though this road's already been traveled by TLC's T-Boz and Chili's R U The Girl...). LK's lookin' like she's thinking about how she's gonna have to shank the big chick who keeps snatching her lunch tray! Dang - hope's she's not on Oprah when she has that flashback again. Ease up, homegirl - you're already out!



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