Friday, January 12, 2007

Time to Daybreak a foot off in ABC's A$$

Wassup, Y'all!

I'm hot,y'all! Hot! As previously reported to my fellow basement dwellers, word on the street was that since ABC was short sighted and bold enough to cancel the excellent primetime drama Daybreak starring Taye Diggs, they would satisfy those fans that watched the show by putting the final episodes up on so they could see how the show ends. Well, I dropped that post on December 19th - 23 days ago and I've yet to see any of the final episodes available for viewing! Why did it take me this long to get HOT!? Because I had a plan to save the last two aired episodes until after the first of the year, then have a little Tivo / Internet marathon to wrap up the show. So last night I watch my last two Tivo'ed episodes (each better than the last and pushing the mystery to the deeeep point) then couldn't wait to check out how it ended so I head to and...

That's right - no damn final episodes available! Now TV Guide reported (by way of TVsquad) back on December 22nd that the posting of the final episodes would be delayed due to 'unforeseen music clearance issues'. Now to quote little Riley from the Boondocks, 'Man, that's some ol bullsh#t!'. I can't even remember much music even being on that joint but wha-teva. How long can that take to work out? In my humble opinion ABC is due TWO a$$ whuppins - 1) for yanking the show before finishing it's LIMITED run and 2) for yanking everybody's chain by not getting the final episodes up ASAP!

There are some other fans who are venting over on the TV Guide site in case you fellow fans want to comment and commiserate. In the meantime, all we can do is wait and wonder. I'm sure at some point they'll drop a DVD set for about a C-note. That was probably ABC's plan from jump as they implemented the classic pusher/addict model to perfection. My damn fault for getting hooked but in my defense, Daybreak is one of the most clever and compelling shows I've ever had the pleasure of watching *and* it contains some of Taye Diggs best acting (it actually killed me to write that just now since I'm not his biggest fan but that's how much I liked the show...).

All I know is that if ABC keeps faking the funk with these episodes, I'll have to put in a call to my senator (Smooth Barack) and have him put some heat they a$$ on my behalf cuz that's how I roll, y'all - proper channels first. But if that falls through and I eeeeeever see ABC walking down the street on the southside, y'all best cross to the other side because some Grand Theft Auto medieval madness and mayhem will be commencing post haste (as my boy Wesley likes to say).



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