Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Crackbacks - Jan 15, 2007

Wassup, Y'all!

Late post today since I wanted to check out the Golden Globes to see if my Dreamgirls prognostication on Beyonce losing out on Best Actress and Jennifer Hudson winning the Best Supporting Actress Globe was correct. We'll unlike my football predictions over the weekend, those joints played out just as planned. I'll give it up to Beyonce tho for looking gracious both in direct defeat and indirect defeat (ol girl teared up a little bit during Jennifer's speech tho I'm speculating it's because ol girl won...). I also peeped 'Stomp The Yard' earlier today and I have to admit - ol Ty was right on that joint too. Warning spoilers after the jump...

Remember when I said that 'Stomp The Yard' was mining the same material as the similarly themed 'Drumline'?? My bad - Stomp The Yard was actually Drumline with only the main subject switched (Historically Black College Fraternities step competition vs. Historically Black College marching band competition). The script was practically indistinguishable right down to the young freshman ringer chasing (and winning) the school hottie, the ringer (Nick Cannon in Drumline, Columbus Short in Stomp) getting sidelined just before the big competition, the ringer coming back to the competition just in the nick of time, the TIE between the two big rivals at the big competition facilitating a direct battle to break the tie, and the underdog school winning it all from the hated competition.

That joint was tired and predictable (tho the dance battles and stepping moves were off the hook) so I can only give it 2 Spinners (and even that's on the generous side). I wanted to like this joint more y'all but if you want to save a little cheddar at Blockbuster (or more if you get the barbershop, bootleg DVD) just get Drumline and imagine some dancing during the band battle sequences and you won't miss a thing.



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