Thursday, March 08, 2007

24 Boosting Smooth Barack's Chances?

Wassup, Y'all!

I'm looking at the season ratings for my show 24 and I'm noticing that it's holding steady at #15 averaging about 13.7 million viewers a week. Now based on the fact that only about 1.2 million southsiders are tuning in each week, I'm going to go on record and say that more northsiders than southsiders are watching that joint (go 'head and check my math, y'all if you're feeling dubious). Given that, an educated brother has to ask the question: Can the fact that 24 has featured not one but *two* southside Presidents help boost Smooth Barack's chances as he takes a decidedly non-fictional run at the Whitehouse?...

For those non 24 historical scholars (like NS Shorty), in Season One Maryland Senator David Palmer (played by my boy Dennis Haysbert) was a southside candidate running for President and the target of an assassination plot. Eventually the plot was foiled by super counter terrorism agent Jack Bauer and Palmer went on to become President.

Now here we are in Season Six and somehow, David Palmer's brother Wayne has also been elected President. For the record, David Palmer will always be *the* southside President as "Lil" Wayne comes across as a warmed over, weak azz seconds. I appreciate the attempt but somehow Lil Wayne doesn't come across as presidential.

Now, in my opinion, Smooth Barack comes across as very presidential but there's always that elephant in the room about whether enough northside voters will overcome past prejudices and preconceived notions about who should hold the country's highest office and actually cast a vote for Smooth? I'm thinking that shows like 24 can only help that cause as it provides the positive service of showing a southsider holdin down the job and takin' care of business under some pretty dire circumstances (terrorist nuclear attack, terrorist biological attack, etc.) and at no time do you see rappers smokin' chronic in the Lincoln Bedroom, video hoochies draped over the couches in the Oval Office, rims on the Presidential limo or the President kickin' back with a 40 of Old E. So far, so good, y'all.

Yes, I know it's a fictional show but images are powerful and, in this case, I'm thinking the '24 effect' will be showin' up in Smooth's poll numbers if it hasn't already. Now if a brother can just figure out how to get a fictional, southside President on American Idol and Survivor, we'd be all good...



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