Saturday, March 03, 2007

JD, Nelly and Pacman Makin' It Rain?

Wassup, Y'all!

My fault for being MIA - ol Tyrone's currently out of the country gettin' his swerve on yet, I've found a free minute to post a thought so that's why I'm so damn late weighin' in on this Adam 'Pacman' Jones ruckus. It's gotten so bad for Pacman that his shenanigans are startin' to look like Britney's right down to his family expressing worry that homeboy is 'out of control'. Yeah whatever, I'm more interested in this whole 'makin' it rain' concept (also now a hot track by Fat Joe and Lil Wayne) and how hanging out with strippers seems to only lead to heartbreak...

Now if y'all will remember, ol Ty broke down the actual factuals on how super producer Jermaine Dupree and rap star Nelly (pictured in the glossy just minutes before they drop Janet's butt off at the crib and head to the local shake club) are old hands at pulling up to any neighborhood strip club and 'makin' in rain' for the ladies inside. For those not in the know, 'makin' it rain' is a ridiculously crazy waste of money where you cash in a large chunk of change - say around $10,000 - for singles, and literally throw the money into the air and let it 'rain' down on the dancer who's meeting your needs. I had to look that up on Google, y'all as I have no personal experience with such ridiculousness myself...

Apparently during NBA All-Star Weekend in Vegas, Pacman tried to horn in on JD and Nelly's fun at the Minxx Gentleman's Club by mixing his cheap azz $3,500 singles with their $10,000 singles. Somehow between the money rain and the take at the door, $81,000 flew into that joint (the event was so lucrative that each stripper had to pay $300 to participate in the night!) , a stripper tried to make a grab for the money on the floor after being warned not too, caught a beatdown, patrons rushed the stage to grab some loot and all hell broke loose ending with three people getting capped (one who remains paralyzed). Depending on who you talk to, the shooter either was or wasn't part of Pacman's entourage (hey it's Vegas, y'all. Nothin' is ever clear there - just ask Tupac) and Pacman's name pops up yet again as he assumes his rightful title as Prince of the NFL [police] Blotter Boyz (the Cincinnati Bengals fill out the rest of the Knights of the Clown Table...)

I like homegirl Temele Hill's take over on's Page 2 concerning how this should all play out. Ol girl postulates that the NFL should institute a three strikes rule and name it after Pacman (i.e. 'The Pacman Rule'). Sounds appropriate since just like in the Pacman arcade game you only get three chances to make good before your game's over. The sooner they do that, the sooner Pacman Jones can stop wastin' time makin' it rain at the club and start tossin' those salads in federal lockup...



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