Thursday, April 05, 2007

Action & Consequence? Meet Snoop

Wassup, Y'all!

Who knew that parents all over the world would be able to point to Snoop Dogg to teach their kids a life lesson? In this case, there's no better popular symbol who embodies the power of action and consequences than our boy Puff, Puff, Pass.......

I'm sure y'all remember the news that came out of the UK back in April 2006 when Snoop and his posse created a ruckus up in Heathrow's Terminal 1 throwing liquor bottles and what not because they got denied entry to British Airways' first class lounge - an affront tantamount to being velvet roped out of VIP at the clizzub (have to admit tho - those bad boyz are plush, y'all). Now fast forward to April 2007 - Snoop and cheap azz Diddy plan a series of concerts in the UK. The Cristal is chillin, the roadies are in country rounding up a bevy of hoochies for pre and post concert festivities, Diddy gets a visa to enter the country and Snoop gets the finger!

That's right, y'all. The British Home Office (like the US State Department) isn't backing off the lifetime ban (which goes along with his lifetime British Airways ban...) that they slapped on Snoop following the fracas. So consequently they said 'Hell to the nizzle' to Snoop Dizzle's visa request leaving Diddy to go it alone on the London leg of their 'One Love Peace Tour'. Daaaaammmnn. Talk about being sent to the corner.

Snoop was so 'sad and upset' over the slight that he had to go inhale his sorrows away over in Amsterdam so don't cry too much for Puff, Puff, Pass. Man - Snoop and his boyz in A-Dam? That's like leaving an alcoholic next to an olympic swimming pool full of beer (and I'm sure endo didn't have a thing to do with Puff, Puff, Pass gettin' into a car accident there...). Apparently, there's going to be a reefer shortage in Amsterdam for years to come, y'all. Dang! Knew I should have gotten there earlier!!



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