Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Home Model: The LeBron...

Wassup, Y'all!

Barbershop? Check. Casino? Check. Theater? Check. Bowling alley? Check. Stripper pole with mirrors in the basement? Probably. When it comes to LeBron James' new crib, we're all just squirrels tryin' to get a nut (well unless you're Tiger or Mike). I read about this joint over on EURweb and I'm still trippin. Surprisingly, after getting over my two big gulps of Hater-ade, I found myself understanding how a brother could legitimately need a crib that incorporated such features. Now the two story, 40'x56' walk-in closet may be a bit much...

Last Saturday Ol Ty found himself in his favorite breakfast joint - The Pancake Cafe - debating LeBron's crib with my boyz LC and Soda and my girl NS Shorty. LC and I were trying to make the point that when you have celebrity status at the LeBron level, chances are you can't just go enjoy doing regular things (like gettin' your wig busted at the local barbershop or settlin' into a plush rocker seat at the megaplex to catch the hottest movie out) without being mobbed, jocked and interrupted. Given that, we could see how a brother of means would try to build his own sanctuary where he could chill, where he could relax, where he could...chillax like Spock, far away from ill mannered fans.

We got nothing but rolled eyes and salty commentary on this viewpoint from Soda and NS Shorty. They were poppin' some yang about how much better that type of money could be spent, how many people it could help if King James just built a house half the size with half the amenities. Now ol Ty would tend to agree when it comes to a brother who drops $500K on a damn grill, but for your crib? The spot where all the magic happens? How can you put a price on that? Besides, as big as that bad boy is, I can see LeBron bringing in a bus load of foster kids to help clean it. That's what ol Ty calls win-win, y'all :-)



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