Thursday, April 26, 2007

Larry Fish The Next James Earl Jones?

Wassup, Y'all!

It would be an understatement to say that the man has ol Ty down since he's been wearing my azz OUT the last few weeks. Despite that, I've finally found a little time to do what I do especially since I heard that my boy Laurence Fishburne has been tabbed to provide the voice of the cold azz Silver Surfer in the Fastastic Four sequel: F4: Rise of The Silver Surfer due to bow on June 15th. Voice work is a cushy gig if you can get it - you can do it from home, in your draws and stack a lot of cheddar. Regardless of that, I can't think of a better brother to be the voice of anything since Larry Fish has got to be the most enunciating brother on the planet (that's right y'all - he's even got Sidney Poitier). I like to call him Mr. 'Anti Ebonics'...

Now we all know the previous gold standard for voice work was our boy James Earl Jones. His rendering of Darth Vader pretty much cemented his spot ('Luke, I'm your fa-ther'). Given, the Fantastic Four series isn't on the level of Star Wars, but a tight showing with this Silver Surfer gig will invariably lead to others. Eddie Murphy is cashing some nice checks with his Donkey act in the Shrek movies (and he'll be back in the saddle in Shrek The Third on May 18th)
and with a L. Fish baby on the way with foine shorty Gina Torres I'm sure the extra cheddar will come in handy.

Man, doing voice his draws...with Gina Torres in the next room - that's pretty much what ol Ty calls the perfect storm . Like this brother needs more good luck after scoring big as smooth azz Morpheus in the Matrix trilogy. I have to give it up for ol boy though - he put his work in so the least he can do is collect his propers. I'll be looking foward to the movie to see how he pulls it off.



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