Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Kells *finally* headed to court!

Wassup, Y'all!

Daaaang! It only took five years. Man - even OJ got it over with faster than that. Yes, y'all, word has reached me here in the basement via Channel 7 news that a court date has finally been set for R. Kelly's Pee-Gate trial. Ol boy got indicted on 21 counts (later reduced to 14 counts related to child pornography) back in June 2002!...

Whatever happened to the right to a 'speedy' trial? Seems Kells must have had his legal mouthpiece drop every wrench he had into the legal machinery to bog things down, but finally after five years, five best selling albums and three tours, the end is near and we're gonna get to see how much of flirt Kells really is since he's looking at a max bid of 15 years if convicted. You see - in prison it really doesn't help to be black, handsome, rich or know how to sing - but then again he is a flirt...

Man I better get mama to clear those late charges off the cable bill, cuz Ol Ty gonna be glued to Court TV for this one, y'all!



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