Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pardon Isley? Hell-To-Tha-Nizzo!

Wassup, Y'all!

Let me be the first to jump off this damn bandwagon before it gets started. Now Ol Ty's out kicking it in Philly when word reaches him in the hoopty that Southside DJ's and Ronnie Isely fans are petitioning President Bush to give Ronnie Isley some Scooter Libby love by pardoning his conviction on flagrant a$$ tax evasion. Who's next? Wesley? R. Kelly? I'll admit - I've never been a big Ronnie Isley fan but even if I was, I have to think that there are much more deserving southsiders either in or heading to prison to save this high caliber silver bullet for...

Now if y'all run through the actual factuals of Mr. Biggs conviction, you have to admit that ol boy was doing some Olympic level tax dodging. Ol Ty ain't got much love for the tax man either but I have faithfully paid my fair share and I'm not feeling much love for a brother who was given so much and willingly chose to get big time greedy and not break a taste off for Uncle Sam. When I send my check to Gangster Sam, I just imagine it's going straight to my mama's social security check to take the sting out of it - so on the other side of the ledger I see Mr. Biggs chippin' off mama's check to keep up his livin' large lifestyle and I'm damn sure not feeling that, y'all.

Yeah I know about Mr. Biggs being a 'cornerstone of the R&B community' and ill with cancer (there are plenty of law abiding folks who won't be getting a pardon for that either...) and all the rest. Still, I can't help but think that if you're going to holler back to G-Dub and ask him to rain down some Scooter Libby Commutation Love on a southsider, first - we know it will never happen, and second, if by some miracle it did happen, wouldn't you feel better knowing that that miracle happened for a heinously bogus case like Genarlow Wilson's?

Y'all have to be feelin' me on that one. Come on now! We need to make our stand on some higher ground than Mr. Damn Biggs...



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