Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Return of Tyrone Malone

Wassup, Y'all!

First - sorry for the long pause for the cause. Second - it's good to be back. Third, 'Where you been, Ty?'

I know many of you have been thinking that ol Ty had gone Hollywood. That he left his millions of adoring blog fans to pursue the almight dollar, date a few Hollywood starlets and spend his late nights and early mornings hittin' all the clubs and swillin' down bottles of Patron up in VIP. Naw, as appealing as that ruckus sounds, ol Ty's absence from the stage was caused by a much more down to earth circumstance...

For the last six weeks ol Ty has been spending time with Papa Malone who had been battling cancer for the last couple years. I realize that I haven't made mention of PM on the blog since my main residence is in Mama Malone's basement but rest assured that PM has been just as big an influence on ol Ty's life. I'm sorry to report that Papa Malone passed on the morning of April 3rd and I've been one grieving brother.

During the last six weeks while PM's illness went from bad to worse, I couldn't bring myself to blog, y'all because the humor just wasn't in me. Even now it's a little hard to dredge up but since my humor flowed directly from Papa Malone, I know that ol boy would want me to keep on keepin' on.

So I'll be back into regular rotation on Monday. I've been collectin' a few choice tidbits over the interim. Before I go, ol Ty would like to give a major shout out to my web girl Diva over at for hollerin' at a brother during a dark time and reminding him that bloggin' it out can also help get a brother back on the straight and narrow. Thanks, homegirl - your reach out was timely indeed.

So buckle up, y'all. The basement's back in effect. Pop back in on Monday to get back into the actual factuals.



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