Monday, April 27, 2009

The REAL Stedman Graham

Wassup, Y'all!

Now you know ol Ty's been wolfin' about Oprah's man's cushy gig for a while now. Mainly I've been pushin' back on the shortys askin' them why they think it's okay for Big O to have Stedman as as 'kept man' year after year but if Steddy was the one with all the loot and he played Big O like that, they'd be screamin' bloody murder about how homeboy 'needs to be a man' and step up to his commitments. That, basement dwellers, is what ol Ty calls a ridiculous double standard

In the meantime, homeys the world over are hatin' big time on a brother who can seemingly have his cake (enjoy the spoils of Big O's loot) and eat it too (not be bothered with getting married to enjoy the spoils of Big O's loot). But one thing as always bothered ol Ty - just what does Steddy do when Big O comes callin' in the bedroom? Well it seems that Comedy Central has that all figured out...

Now I'm not gonna give it all away, but apparently - according to the video - Steddy has come up with an ingenious way to dodge Big O's amorous advances. Now some of you homey's who have become used to the airbrushed Oprah on the cover of her magazine may ask, 'Man - why even dodge Oprah? Ol girl's kinda cute'. Au contraire, Petite Pierre. Steddy knows better, y'all. There's a bit of a difference between O Magazine Oprah and 'Just Rolled Out Of Bed Oprah' - quite a bit. Yes, I know that's triflin' but if you don't believe me, look at what Tony Parker wakes up to. Good googly-moogly.

The moral to this story fellas? All that glitters ain't gold...unless you're helpin' Oprah stack her chedda.



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