Tuesday, July 27, 2004

If A Bush Falls on the Trail...

Wassup, y'all.

Yaaawn! Sorry, I would have posted last night, but Billy C.'s after party was bumpin' and ol' Tyrone didn't want to be boorish and bounce too early. The democratic honeys were wall to wall up in Clinton's suite y'all and Mr. Bill was obviously juiced at his prime time keynote Monday night...

Man, I'm just nostalgic. They need to give brother Bill another twelve more years. That's a brother who knows how to work a crowd and a room. Kind makes that online cartoon This Land ring even more true when you compare the current candidates to brother Bill. *sigh*.

The young brother Barack Obama took it deep tonight, y'all. I'm going to have to see if I can get on his Senate staff cuz clearly that brother is going places. He kinda had that Billy C. swagger going on. If he's the new face of the Democratic Party - shoot - sign me up now.

Now getting back to the subject of this blog - what's up with Boy George and mountain bikes? The boys from Winky's text messaged me that he fell off his mountain bike again rolling around out in Crawford. Not that I'm counting, but I think that's two mountain bike spills and one Segway tumble to date. For a homey trying to inherit the mantle of Reagan, he seems like he's on track to inherit the hospital bills of Gerald Ford, American's last, great uncoordinated President. Now I'm sure many of you are wondering why I'm so concerned about GW's equilibrium. We'll until November, the man who's one mountain bike spill away from the Presidency is still Tricky Dick Cheney and I much prefer him where he is - in his undisclosed location.

Gotta bounce - I need to ease up into Barack's after party before the main eats get got. I'll be back on the wire in a minute.



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