Thursday, July 29, 2004

Ride That Donkey!

Wassup Y'all!

File this under the 'You snooze, you lose' column. I missed Al Sharpton's speech Wednesday night, y'all! I was across the street from the Fleet getting my eat on and figured since Reverend Al had to submit his speech ahead of time, the convention censors would have cut out the best parts. The messed up part is they whittled Reverend Al's remarks to six minutes and put him on the fringe of prime time. Now I've followed Reverend Al through the primary and debates and should have known he had something up his sleeve... Old boy got up on stage and stayed up there for nearly twenty minutes doing his thing and preaching off the cuff. For those dummies like me, you can catch some of the highlights of his speech at He's got some gems in there , but what else is new with the Reverend? Go on homey, preach! They got Al Gore, Clinton and Barack videos up there too, y'all. Al and Bill have some 'Catch A Rising Star' comedy in their cuts (unfortunately no video rump shakers but you can't have it all) and Barack is just smooth as butter baby.

I did catch Kerry and he was good but he, sir is no Barack Obama (and GW is no Kerry). Well the convention is over but the after parties are just cranking up tonight, y'all. I just wish my boy Ricky Williams was here so he could tighten me up with some of that old style, dred lock cheeby. I guess we'll have to hook up when he gets his retirement crib all settled. Matter o fact, once we run through all that endo we need to hook up with those Manning boys now that Lil E inked his contract and took delivery of a 20 mil signing bonus. That's tall cheddar to you and me, y'all. Tall chedder.

I'm going to miss ol Beantown when I hop into the hoopty tomorrow for the ride back to Chi-town. Four more weeks and it's Times Square and Battery Park, baby as the hoopty glides down to NYC where I can get denied admission to the Republican convention, but in the city that never sleeps - who cares?

Alright I'm out y'all - go support Denzel tomorrow when The Manchurian Candidate drops. To paraphrase my boy Ted Koppel -- My review, in a minute.



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