Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bow Wow's Ozone Diss Tape?

Wassup, Y'all!

I caught a funny article a little while back featuring world class smack talker, Bow Wow who seems to be takin' yang poppin' to a whole new level with a reported interview in Ozone magazine. I say reported since I haven't seen it in print and there's enough chatter on the 'Net saying its faked to make a homey wonder if that joint was 'photoshopped' or not (aka creative fiction writing)...

The reason why it's gettin' a little traction rather than being just laughed off is because of Bow Wow's previously verified foolishness like claiming “The only real rappers out there right now are me, Kanye, 50 and maybe Jay[-Z]" (dag J! Maybe??) or cracking on Will Smith by calling him a "bubblegum wrapper" and comparing his acting prowess to Big Willy's by saying ”Will [Smith] can act, but he does more of those blockbuster Hollywood movies, which I wanna do. But also I wanna do it like Denzel-movies that really mean something. I feel like I can definitely be better than him.”

Now presumably Ozone has him talkin' even more out of school by saying among other things when asked about Jay-Z's comeback album: "I'm not feeling it. All the hype, all the a$$ kissing, I'm not feeling it you know? It's like, this is supposed to be the best rapper alive, and we're getting this warmed over garbage." Oh snap! And it gets better, y'all.

Of course after the Will Smith diss, there had to be the Will Smith crackback, followed by the Will Smith / Bow Wow make up, but in the case of this new material, if that stuff truly did come from Bow Wow's grill the only making up to be done will be at the business end of a 9mm. Here are a couple of jewels to wet your whistle then you can feel free to enjoy the whole article and draw your own conclusions:

On his reason for his break up with Ciara: "
Let me tell you, the rumors are she's a hermaphrodite. Well, she's not. It's something that's worse to me, and a man of my status can't deal with it. The girl can't control her bladder. I'm going to just let you sit there and let it sink in and marinate."

On Jermaine Dupri's break with Virgin Records over the poor sales of his girl Janet Jackson's new album: "Man, I love JD and all, but for real, he killed himself. Putting broads over business is not a good look. Everyone at So So Def knew she was done after her ti##y popped out in 2004. And you know, it wasn't no big thing to me personally, I'd seen them plenty of times already. Nothing special really."

Now that's just straight wrong - creative writing or not! Check out the whole interview and get your laugh on. Consider it a belated holiday gift, y'all!



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