Sunday, August 07, 2005

Freaky Friday - Free and Julissa Switch

Wassup, Y'all!

Caught BET's 106 & Park on Friday to check out the new hosts, lament the end of the Free era and give a grudging snap up to the rise of the Bermudez Dynasty. Clearly it doesn't matter who the male co-hosts are as I'm zonin' those busters out but just to complete the story, Tigger has swooped AJ's spot (leaving Brandy's little brother Ray-J on the outside looking in and still filling the role of BET utility the way - isn't it about time to put Brandy's mug on a milk carton or something??) It's a little ironic that Friday's on 106 & Park are known as 'Freestyle' Fridays, now I guess they'll just have to be called 'Freeless' Fridays from now on. Okay - Julissa Bermudez (who I *knew* was gonna cop that co-host slot - the fix was in, y'all) is a pretty hot west side shorty (but she needs to get on that J-Lo high carb diet) and she's got the personality to mix it up with the personalities that flow through that joint and when she drops some of that Spanish jibber-jabber - Ay Mami! Anyway - so I'm at Borders looking to begin my Free withdrawal by downing a couple iced Chai Tea Lattes...with crunk juice and guess who I see peeping down from the September issue of King Magazine? If you need a hint by now, 1) get a clue and 2) peep the glossy. The Lord does work in mysterious ways, y'all...

The September issue is chock full, y'all so you need to beat feet to the book store to peep you a copy. Better yet, hook King up and *buy* a copy and stop acting like you're allergic to cash registers. Right off the bat, you see that Free's not going to hand the Premier King Cover Junk Trunk award to Mya without a fight. I'm still giving Mya a slight edge based on posture and wardrobe choice but it's clear that Free has upped the stakes and answered the bell. Ding, Ding, y'all. Ding, Ding. Make it a point to get past the cover and check out old girl's interview as she drops the following, completely out of character, quote. "I like my butt rubbed. I rub it before I go to sleep. It relaxes me and calms me down like a baby." Then two seconds later she's talking 'bout she only wears thongs... This was about the time I fainted dead away in Border's magazine aisle, y'all. Woke up with one of those magazine insert stuck to my cheek. The September joint is also part 2 of King's 'Thicka Than A Snicka' issue (so you know what else is inside waitin' on you). I have to give them props just for coming up with that tag.

Finally for my boy Front Row Freddie (aka Kendilla), he'll be happy to know super producer Jermaine Dupri is still giving props to ATL strip club champ Magic City. According to the interview, he and Nelly hit that joint whenever Nelly's in town and they roll through with 10,000 singles - a piece! That's about 19,980 less than I roll with but what I lack in dollars I make up for in charm, y'all. Still haven't figured out how to translate that into a lap dance up in VIP though...



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