Sunday, June 17, 2007

20 years later it's STILL HALF, Eddie

Wassup, Y'all!

It's been 20 years since Eddie Murphy dropped his seminal RAW album based on the live concert. There were some funny a$$ bits in that joint but none more so than Eddie's take on potentially having to part with half his money should he get married and subsequently divorced without a prenup in place. To prevent such a unhappy circumstance, he reasoned that the best thing to do would be to go to Africa and marry an African 'bush woman' who had no notion of American shorty's sense of marital entitlement. Fast forward 20 years and somehow, Eddie decides to knock unprotected boots with a chick nicknamed 'Scary Spice' and now a substantial chunk of his cheddar is balanced on the results of a paternity test. Hmmm...doesn't sound like progress to me...

Ol Ty has to admit he didn't exactly see what Eddie was looking at when he decided to tap that...unless he was checking out this CD cover... Once Melanie Brown aka Mel B. aka Scary Spice got pregant, the only one of her aliases that really applied was Scary Spice or maybe Really Scary Spice cuz ol girl blew up, jack! Her hair was alway a hot mess and her outfits were less than flattering (sez the brother in his mama's basement who's never been pregnant, but I digress...). Seems Eddie caught on to that as well since he dropped Scary like a fat rat and started stepping out with Baby Face's old girl Tracey Edmunds (apparently without telling Melly Mel that she had been sent to the end of the bench - dang! Brothers are still doing that ruckus!?).

Mel then broadly proclaims she's pregnant with Eddie's baby, Eddie broadly proclaims it may not be his and he'll need a paternity test, the test was broadly proclaimed to have been recently taken and now the world waits as Eddie's cheddar hangs by a thin strand of DNA. Shoulda gone the 'bush babe' route, Eddie. Tho in the end, ol girl demanded half as well...dang - can't win for losing, homey.



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