Thursday, June 14, 2007

Smooth Barack's New Groupie Demographic

Wassup, Y'all!

Man, first it was the rockers, then the athletes, then the billionaires and now, thanks to Smooth Barack, Presidential candidates have their own groupies too. That's right y'all - Smooth Barack's Number One Fan Obama Girl has dropped a single on YouTube that headin' for number one with a bullet. Don't let this photoshopped glossy fool you into thinking that Smooth was a willing participant in this slick production - he wasn't, but I gots to give it up to the crew behind this video. It's creative, the tune is catchy, the visuals are lush and, if this is any indication of things to come, it's gonna to be an off-the-hook political season as the 2008 campaign heats up...

According to

"The song was performed by Leah Kauffman, a 21-year-old undergraduate at Temple University in Philadelphia, who wrote the lyrics with a friend, 32-year-old advertising executive Ben Relles, and the music with her producer, Rick Friedrich.

An actress/model named Amber Lee Ettinger [homegirl in the glossy, who, on her website, cites none other than our boy Denzel as her favorite actor. Dang Will! You snooze, you lose, homey.] then lip-synched the song for the video, shot by filmmakers found on Craigslist two hours before Relles and Ettinger hit New York City one Friday in May to shoot the video on a DV camera

Various new sites and blogs have described Ms. Ettinger as nubile, comely, & hot. Having peeped the video for research purposes, ol Ty will have to go with Daaaaaaaamn! instead. That's right, y'all - a solid 8 on the Shorty Damn Meter.

Given that, a brother has to wonder what 'Chelle is thinking about all this ruckus (since the Smooth camp seems to be might quiet at the moment). Now we all know that Southside sisters don't play this mess and 'Chelle is a shorty who looks like she plays even less. You can almost picture her in this glossy saying 'If I see that black haired Buffy in the street tonight, I'm a put my foot so far up her...". Smooth on the other hand must be trying to figure out a way to slip his Secret Service detail for a couple hours. Man - I'm just playin', lighten up y'all! We all know Smooth's a family man.

Anyway - Yo! Where are all the blog groupies at?? Y'all need to show a brother some of that Smooth Barack love and start blowin' up the basement hot line talkin' 'bout, 'Yo T., it's me' :-)



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