Sunday, June 10, 2007

Et tu, Isaiah?

Wassup, Y'all!

Man, you knew it was coming but now that it's here, it's still a little shocking. Word has reached the basement that our boy Isaiah Washington (I-Dub to you and me) has been kicked to the curb and will no longer appear on the hit show Grey's Anatomy as heart surgeon Preston Burke. This word comes from ABC who took the route of 'not renewing his option' vs. outright firing, but you know that with the clout that series creator Shonda Rhimes has with the network, ol girl had to have signed off on I-Dub's walking papers as well. You have to think there would be a little conflict in the southside household over that but we can't rightly jump on Kramer and Imus without expecting our kin folk to get held to the same standard...

Shorty Shonda (seen here with I-Dub peepin' over her shoulder) really didn't have a choice - though during initial interviews on the matter, she diplomatically said that they would resolve the issue 'in house'. Over the intervening weeks, it seemed as if I-Dub's naive a$$ actually believed that going to counseling and reaching out to gay and lesbian groups would actually help his outcome. Similarly, ABC and Shonda seemed to have let that notion fly until after the series wrapped for the season before putting a foot on I-Dub's a$$ and pushing him out the studio door.

Man - and I thought that ruckus on the Sopranos was foul. They should have at least whacked I-Dub from jump street (and written a tight story line that had him getting killed trying to foil a bank robbery or something instead of slinking off after leaving his bride-to-be in the church foyer and later hyperventilating in their crib when she found out he had moved his gear out) instead of giving a brother hope and then smacking him down.



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