Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hitch in the Giddy up

Wassup, Y'all!

Back from my sunny F-L holiday! Got to admit, though ol Ty's never been the biggest fan of the 'Hurricane Sunshine State', that joint was hittin' and holdin' this go 'round. Weather was tight, eatin', drinkin' and merry-makin - all good. So I'm rested and relaxed and ready to get back to business. Over the weeks and months to come I plan to gradually make over the Malone Zone. Rest assured you'll still be getting the same tight commentary you've become accustom to here in the basement, but I plan to start mixin' in more 'micro posts' with my longer posts to help keep the blog updated more frequently, the news a little fresher and to free up a little 'Ty' time as I focus on my million other endeavors.

So what's a 'micro post' you ask? It's more of a typical blog post style - actual factuals served up in bite-sized portions. Want some examples? Hit me after the jump...

For the last few days, I've been hearin' about Tyra 'Lil Oprah' Banks complaining about how she's 'insecure' about her hair, so a micro post on that would go a little something like this:

Tyra Gettin' Wiggy With It: After tellin' everyone who criticized her about her weight to 'kiss her fat a$$', Oprah understudy Tyra Banks confessed that because of all the wigs and extensions she's been kickin', she's scurred to show interested homeys her real hair. What she needs is a Stedman cuz we've seen Big O out of her hair and make up [insert blood curdling scream here], but homeboy still loves her right down to her eleven figure bank account....

See? Less can be more (although y'all know this ruckus begs for a full sized post about my southside sisters and their hair!) :-) Stay tuned for more frequent updates as I reconnect to the grid...



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