Saturday, November 03, 2007

American Gangster: What Happened?

Wassup, Y'all!

Man, after all the yappin' I did about this flick y'all know I wanted to like it and I did - somewhat - but a brother has to say that after reading that tight New York Magazine article about the real Frank Lucas, this joint should have been so much better. What I saw seemed LONG and disconnected. If you go in with that article as background you can follow the story pretty well, but if not - good luck understanding the subtle influences around Lucas that made him the refined sociopath he turned out to be....

Don't get ol Ty wrong - Denzel did his thing, Russell Crowe did his thing but they completely misused my boy Cuba Gooding, Jr. in a role that seemed more of a tacked on cameo than anything else. Nickey Barnes could have been a juicy character, but... Sadly, I can only recommend 2.5 Spinners on this one, y'all. After this weekend, I don't expect this joint to have any legs (particularly 1) since it runs so long, which means less showings and 2) it stars a major southside actor, which means my southside homeys will be imitating Frank by engaging in the bootleg DVD trade - now I ain't naming names but I know a few of my boyz who were watchin' this joint *last week*!)

I'm sure your views may swerve my curb and that's cool, but I'm calling it as I see it. I plan to have my boy Peabo hold all calls from Denzel for a few weeks. Next joint I'm holding out hope for is Big Willy Style's 'I Am Legend'. That joint looks tiiiiiight (but we know how that works sometimes, don't we??) Don't leave me hanging Big Willy!



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