Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Strike Rat takes out Jack Bauer!

Wassup, Y'all!

Man, this Writer's Guild strike is just a couple days old and it's already causing a brother pain! My boyz and I were out lunchin' (literally - don't try to be funny) the other day and cracked up when we saw one of these inflatable rats at a local building construction site. Fast forward a couple hours and ol Ty is reading some nonsense about the WGA crew poppin' that same yang in NYC. Picket signs and an inflatable rat! Wait a minute - aren't these talented, gifted writers who get paid tall cheddar to write some of our favorite entertainment. How is it that even they can't be original? Whatever. The part that distresses me is that now that the strike in on, studios and networks are scaling back their broadcast plans and it sounds like an upcoming casualty from this ruckus may be 24's Day 7! What kind of bull#hit is this? Check me out after the jump to see a trailer of what you may be missing...

It's Day 7 y'all. CTU has been dismantled and Jack is up on Capitol Hill facing some tough questions about his shenanigans. When out of the blue, who should pop up to start some major clownin'? Ahhh, forget it. Just watch the trailer. I'm too hot about this to go on. A brother needs a hot toddy, a back rub and some work on his pressure points! Wooo saaaa, Woooo saaaaa.



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