Friday, January 16, 2009

Hey! Where are all the Black Folk?

Wassup, Y'all!

If it's Tuesday, January 20th then you really don't need to ask. Chris Rock alluded to this in his raw HBO special 'Kill The Messenger'. Since that joint came out pre-election, Chris said that should Obama win the election, northsiders shouldn't expect to see (or get any help from) southsiders the next day. At the airport? You better Skycap your own damn bags. Railway station? Same deal.

So you know on Inauguration Day the workplace is going to be a southside free zone, particularly with it comin' a day after the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Lady E. (ever ready with an article) hipped ol Ty to this joint on talkin' 'bout 'Some Blacks Choose Inauguration Over Work'. "Some"? Let me hip, y'all to an actual factual. Those that 'choose work over Inauguration' will be gettin' Drop Squaded in the parking lot as soon as they leave for the day...

Ain't no missin' Smooth Barack's Inauguration! You either need to have your rusty butt in D.C. cold chillin' (literally - tho Tuesday temps are forecast to be in the 'balmy' 30's - which sounds pretty good when I'm lookin' out the basement window at -14 degrees as I type) or have your rusty butt parked in front of a TV watchin' this thing unfold *LIVE*. Don't let ol Ty hear that you timeshifted that joint with a DVR! You can DVR that bad boy for posterity, but if you don't watch it live, guess what? That's right - Drop Squaded. Like my boy the late Bernie Mac would say - 'I ain't scared of you [Mickey Fickeys]'. Do the right thing, y'all. If you can't get up for this, it's time for you to hit Liberia for real.

And for y'all misguided few who will chose work thinkin' that's gonna get you noticed, promoted, a bonus or whatever - I've got Jay-Z's original demo tape I'd like to sell you and a little bit of news for you. It's one day, y'all. Enjoy it. Celebrate it. And free your mind - if only for a day.



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