Thursday, January 29, 2009

Myron Rolle says No to NFL, Yes to MORE School

Wassup, Y'all!

I know. I said 'Whaaaaat' too, especially when I found out that homey was a southside safety from Florida State. You know FSU has a pretty good record of placin' their players in the NFL, so you can be assured that Myron Rolle was in line for some pretty tall ducets. It's rare when you find a college athlete who's lookin' for *more* school but I guess it's also rare for a college athlete to qualify for a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford. Just how hard is it to get a Rhodes Scholarship? Follow me after the jump and find out...

The roster of former Rhodes Scholars reads like a Who's Who list. You've got former Presidents, Nobel Prize winners, former CIA directors, military admirals and generals, ambassadors, even Smooth Barack's current U.S. Ambassador to the UN, southside shorty Dr. Susan Rice. There's some rarified air in there, y'all.

Now I admit that if you have the option to do *both* - kick it in Oxford for a year or two, then still declare for the NF draft that's a pretty good option to have and that seems to be the route that My-Rolle is headed down but ol Ty still has to give cousin mad props for sayin' no to the money now when that NFL lifestyle is pretty tantalizing. So in the era of college and pro players behaving badly I'm encouraged by a story like this and hopefully in the new Smooth era, we'll be hearing more and more of this type of thing.



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