Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Roland Burris Told To 'Get To Gone'

Wassup, Y'all!

You saw it comin' like an earth killin' asteroid from 100 miles out. Despite his cheesin' and premature declarations of being 'the junior senator from the State of Illinois' and lookin' forward to 'gettin' his senate legs under him', it now appears that for the moment all Ro-Bur will be gettin' is back after comin' to the Senate chamber to get sworn in and being told by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, 'You don't know me like that'. Daaaaaaaamn. That's cold, Harry! So now Ro-Bur says he'll huddle with his lawyers and probably chill in a downtown D.C. Super 8 Motel while this Illinois senate seat saga gets sorrier and sorrier by the day...

I was chillin' in Norfolk about to get busy with an egg sandwich that Mama Malone put together when I saw the breakin' CNN news that Ro-Bur had accepted the nomination for the seat by our recently disgraced governor F-Rod Blogojevich. My first thought was, 'What's he thinkin'?' For the moment that seat is about as radioactive as Chernobyl so all I could think of is 'power grab' since everyone related to pavin' the way to successfully securing the seat, including the Secretary of State, Jesse White, was saying that they wouldn't accept anyone put up by F-Rod. Once F-Rod put up Ro-Bur's name, Jesse made it his business not to certify the appointment which gave the U.S. Senate an easy out when Ro-Bur showed up. That does beg the question, however of what the Senate would have done had Ro-Bur showed up with legitimate credentials?

I find it interesting that some folk in the Ro-Bur camp would invoke the memory of former New York Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. A-Powell was the first southside congressman from New York and became one of only two southsiders in Congress at the time. A-Powell had to put up with a lot of racial foolishness just to get equal treatment from his peers, many of whom at that time were some a$$-backward thinkers. In ol Ty's opinion, tryin' to equate Ro-Bur's current situation with A-Powell's is disingenuous at best. That's on the order of Bush, The First replacing Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall with Clarence 'Uncle' Thomas, though not quite as heinous. Ro-Bur knew what was comin' before he even accepted F-Rod's nomination. He should have done like the others who were asked before him - politely decline, wait for the dust to settle and then get in line when the legitimate appointment process started up.

But apparently homey thought he could slip into the seat (which he still might) and kick it Senate style for a couple years since that's a pretty cushy gig. I'd have to say the media frenzy surrounding this whole thing would seem to make that gig a lot less cushier but power seems to be pretty seductive to some folk. Me? I prefer my seduction in a different package entirely (triflin' but true). That might change once I'm 71 though...



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