Monday, August 02, 2004

Jamie Foxx The Next Forest Gump?

Wassup, Y'all!

I figured I'd jump in here first before Jamie's next movie 'Collateral' drops on Friday. The buzz is already building for J-Foxx as Tom Cruise's unwilling sidekick just ahead of his star turn as Ray Charles in the 'Ray' bio pic. Of course, y'all I saw this coming way back during Booty Call. That scene where old boy was wrapped up in Saran Wrap - something about his method acting just said 'Oscar' to me...

He followed that up a little later in 'Ali' when he played Drew 'Bundini' Brown (rumble, young man, rumble - Ahhhhhhh) and suddenly you could see a little bamboozling going on. J-Foxx is a dramatic actor in comedian's clothing like that other fool Tom Hanks. Hmmm, Bosom Buddies / Jamie Foxx show...Turner and Hooch / Booty Call...Sleepless in Seattle / Breakin' all the Rules...Philadelphia / Any Given Sunday...Forest Gump / Ray. Seems to be a little symmetry going on in the universe, y'all.

Who knew?

Looks like Sam-u-eL, DenzeL and WilL will be getting some company at the top. They might start seeing a new set of fingerprints on that limited set of scripts circulating for the melanin enriched actors. Quiet as kept, Denzel and Sam-u-el seem to be in a rut - same acting style - different roles. Might just be me, but we know that's never the case, y'all.

And what's the deal with "The Village"? Man, not one fly in the buttermilk (and once I saw how crazy they were to get into that situation, you can understand why). I got to give it up for Nighty-Night - he knows how to drop a twist (and keep it quiet), but that joint was like Eddie Murphy in the alley with that transvestite. Looking good when you pull up, a shocking twist when you get right in the middle and eventually, one hell of an unsatisfying evening. (Eddie: Man, I'm not hatin', I'm just sayin')

Gotta run, y'all. Homeland's dropped Condition Orange on us, so I need to roll by Winky's corner store to get my batteries and duct tape together. I'll holler!



P.S. If y'all are looking to get your reggae swerve on you can't go wrong with the new cuts by Beanie Man - "King of the Dancehall" and Kevin Lyttle - "Turn Me On". Shoot I could watch that "Turn Me On" video allllllll day. One peep and you'll be feelin' irie, mon! Reggae's gettin' hot these days, y'all. For you sisters who are looking for equal time, Tanya Stephens comes correct with an oldy but goody - "It's a Pity (you already have a wife)" Ahhh, my people, my people!

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