Monday, May 22, 2006

LeBron: Ghost of Christmas Past?

Wassup, Y'all!

When do you cross the line between competitor and school yard chump? Okay, chump may be a little strong for 'King James' but after two petty 'school yard' moves LeBron James dropped in the Cavs' last two series, I have to wonder just how mature this 21 year old is...

School Yard Play #1 - talking Smack to Gilbert Arenas before both game ending free throws (which Arenas missed opening the door for the Cavs to close out the game and the series). Man, we used to do that ruckus on the elementary school playgrounds, but the NBA? What happened to good sportsmanship and letting a brother play without some mind games?

And speaking of sportsmanship, that leads me to School Yard Play #2 - at the end of Game 7 against the Pistons, LeBron just walks off the court without shaking hands a la Isiah Thomas when the Bulls finally broke through and went to the finals following Game 5 of the '90-'91 Eastern Conference Finals choosing to just walk off the floor like a little girl. What's up with that? I guess LeBron was watching a little 'classic NBA' on the NBA channel and decided to wear the dress he inherited from Isiah. Dude - shake some hands and show some respect. It's one thing not to want to see another team celebrate their win on your floor but Game 7 at the Palace and you can't give out some propers? That's whack, homey.

Can I get a Witness, LeBron?



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