Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kell's Sex Tape Going Public!

Wassup, Y'all!

Seems the judge presiding over the R. Kelly Child Pornography preliminaries ruled that it's okay for the public (aka those in open court) to peep the shenanigans depicted in the infamous R. Kelly sex tape (not be confused with the infamous Pam Anderson or Paris Hilton sex tapes - beware: those links are non PG-13 appropriate, y'all...) Hmmm, seems someone forgot to tell the judge that the tape is *already* public...

I don't think I know a single one of my homeys who hasn't seen it and somehow got a copy from a 'friend'. I'll admit that I *still* haven't seen that joint. Is it possible that old Ty has no friends? How sad is that? The consensus seems to be that it is R. Kelly peeing on doing the dirty with an underage shorty. I'm thinking a jury will see it the same way *if* this trial ever takes place. How long has this joint been pending? Even OJ's joint didn't take this long!! According to the actual factuals, the victim on the tape was 13 when the alledged event occurred. The article puts her at 21 now - eight years! I know that Kell's didn't enter his 'not guilty' plea until mid 2002 but it's going on mid 2006 now, y'all! And I thought only the Enron Boyz could pull off a delay like that...

Come on Chicago - Let's Get It started! Say it with me - No Justice, No Pee..ce!



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