Monday, November 13, 2006

Whitney: Don't Call It A Comeback...

Wassup, Y'all!

She's been here for years. That's right y'all. Sister Whitney is back from her long trip on the Crack Pipe Express and (if recent photo evidence is accurate) she's looking like the old Whitney and sounding like the old Whitney on her upcoming Christmas album 'One Wish' (which drops on 11/18). If this all works out I'll have to admit that I'll be happy to see ol girl back. There's nothing like a mountain top / rock bottom / mountain top story to warm your heart - especially 'round Christmas time when everything seems to have that feel good vibe to it...

USA Today tried to draw some parallels between Whitney and Britney (Spears) and for the most part found several - deadbeat husbands with marginal entertainment 'careers' of their own (tho even Bobby on a bad day would smoke K-Fed), whack reality shows, and ultimately divorces and musical rebirths. I'll end the parallels there since Britney is more a manufactured, sexually charged, sideshow than a top notch vocal talent like Whitney (but then again Britney did manage to stay off the CP Express...).

If this comeback does work out for homegirl, I'm sure she'll have a good time getting back with all the folks who cracked hard on her during her low moments. Y'all know that type of trifling behavior was beyond ol Ty but some other folks may have some bad Karma coming their way.


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