Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wesley Checks in with Gangster Sam

Wassup, Y'all!

Well, well, well - look who decided to hotfoot it back to Gangster Sam's (aka Uncle Sam) hood to face the music! That's right y'all, our boy Wesley got the message after watching that Season I DVD box set of the Sopranos that I sent him during his down time while filming in Namibia. I have to give ol boy credit, ol Ty didn't expect to see his mug back in this hemisphere anytime soon so obviously the Daywalker must think he's got some goods to bargain with...

After checkin' out the wires it appears that Wesley plans to use the time tested Shaggy 'It Wasn't Me' defense. That's right, y'all - ol Nozeema plans to pin the rap on his tax firm, American Rights Litigators, and act all indignant that they did him wrong while looking forward to resolving the matter "posthaste". So after posting a $1 million dollar bond, homey headed back to Namibia to finish filming Gallow Walker before returning to the hood for the duration since once he gets back stateside, Gangster Sam plans to relieve him of his hall pass (aka US Passport) which would seem to put a crimp in his plans of following up Gallow Walker with Chasing The Dragon which was to begin
filming in Thailand next year.

Homey better hope that a judge/jury buys that tired defense or as previously reported, the only 'me love you long time' feelings Wesley will be catching will be coming from his night time prison lover Tossed Salad Man. Oh snap!



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