Monday, July 09, 2007

Mike Vick - Bad Newz

Wassup, Y'all!

I agree. That glossy is foul and it's my humble opinion that Michael Vick's weak a$$ story that he knew nothing about the alleged dogfighting which occurred on his Surry County, Virgina property is equally foul. It could be true and Pop Rocks could be carbonated moon dust and Paris Hilton could still be a virgin. As a dog lover myself, I never got this whole dog fighting thing or, for that matter, the southside and westside infatuation with owning 'fighting dogs' like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers or Staffordshire Terriers.

My old girl's brother used to talk about feeding them gunpowder and hot sauce to make them tough and I used to look at that cat like he was crazy. Well crazy just about covers the nefarious ruckus going on down in the Surry where the Feds are putting together a disturbing body of evidence of a thriving dog fighting enterprise operating out of Vick's crib and I mean 'Hostel' type disturbing, y'all...

Apparently an operation called 'Bad Newz Kennels' has been operating dog fights out of that joint since 2002. For those of you not familiar with the fight game, let's just say that if you're a dog - particularly one with lackadaisical fighting ability - that's about the last place you want to be. Loser's aren't treated kindly, nor are dogs with 'low fighting potential'. Those bad boys invariably always end up dead, either by another dog or by their embarrassed owner who will dispose of the dog by means like "drowning, strangulation, hanging, gun shot, [or] electrocution".

Big Boi from Outkast seems to be trying to do it right by running a legimate Pitbull breeding farm called Pitfall Kennels in Georgia. In fact, he and his brothers got all genetic and created a recognized breeding line which produced one of the first blue Pitbulls. Only in America, y'all. But it is proof positive that that we can get on the right side of this thing. For those other knuckleheads, Ol Ty offers a fool proof way to break them of their dog fighting ways. I propose dropping them in the ring along with their dog, slathered down in some Alpo. If they make it out with their a$$ intact, I'm pretty sure they'll change their ways. If they don't, well--problem solved. Mike Vick! Your table's ready, homey.



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