Thursday, July 05, 2007

Taraji P. and Me

Wassup, Y'all!

Okay, well not me specifically. Actually, not me at all, but Ol Ty is happy to report that the highly under rated actress is coming to the small screen as a high powered lawyer in David Kelley's Boston Legal. Now y'all know I've been a Taraji fan for the longest. I have yet to see her play a bad role and she's been in more than a few - even that choice joint as a lesbian hit woman with fly Alicia Keys in 'Smoking Aces' - a combo we could do with seeing more of if you ask me. Now as word reached the basement of TPH's climb to well deserved new heights, similar news filtered in as well on the sad, sinking saga of former track great Marion Jones (who?)...

Man, it seemed like just yesterday that Ol Ty was watchin' Marion running the streets in that American Express commercial. Now it seems that ol girl can't run away from her debts fast enough. According to EURweb, MJ is so far in debt that she had to sell not only her crib, but her mama's crib too! That's cold. Now Ol Ty has given thought to that several times, especially when my mama gets tight with the basement AC or keeps jibber-jabbering about rent. She's lucky our crib is in her name or I'd Marion Jones' her too. Just kiddin', mama! It's a trip how a life can turn on a dime like that. Word has it that former NFL football sensation Ickey Woods had to sell meat door-to-door for a few. Granted it was those tasty a$$ Omaha Steaks instead of Steak-Umms but still...

Finally, let me wrap with another cautionary tale. It's based on an excellent fable by my boy Easy Aesop called The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Ol Ty is gettin' a little tired of my southside crew always fallin' back on the race card when things don't go their way. You feel me, Vivica? Wesley? Frenchie? Hold up - Frenchie!? Even C-listers are gettin' in on that tired act - though her deal sounds a little more like Mo'Nique's 'Big Girls on A Plane ' deal. Anyway - y'all need to quit that ruckus because all it does is detract from serious matters where such a charge can be accurately applied. Mute that noise, y'all - don't make me get all medieval up in this mug!



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