Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cali Wildfires no help to Sinbad

Wassup, Y'all!

Talk about some bad luck! Wildfires are burning all over Cali - those joints even have the San Diego Chargers on the run - burning everything in sight, everything that is except for the California tax records. Things have gotten so bad with Cali tax collections that the state has taken to 'shaming' state tax cheats by publicizing who's been tight with their payments. It came as no surprise that OJ and Whitney's cousin Dionne Warwick made the list, but ol Ty had to pause for the cause when his boy Sinbad's name turned up...

Now y'all know how I feel about tax cheats! I've posted more than a few times on Wesley's and Ronnie's issues and I ain't feelin' neither one of those brothers. I may live in my mama's basement but I still pay my damn taxes. It's like those homeboys are stealin' out my mama's social security check (which helps pay for my internet access so indirectly it's like stealin' from ol Ty! Wesley! Ronnie! Y'all two are *still* some triflin' azzes!)

But I actually like Sinbad. Ever since ol boy was kickin' it on 'A Different World' and I saw his profanity free comedy concert. Y'all know me and profanity - you have to be creative in the rap and comedy game to go without and I appreciate all my creative homeys who go that extra mile. And don't get me started on those dope, now defunct, annual Soul Music Festivals (check that classic link with a glossy of Halle and Eric Benet. Man - where it all go so wrong...). You can't tell me that with all that money flowing through all those festivals, that Sinbad couldn't put enough away so he wouldn't have to be dodging the tax man!

Granted he's tippin out on a state tax bill (which already makes him smarter than Wesley or Ronnie who foolishly tried to steal from Gangster Sam), but still - $2.1 million dating back to 1999? That smells foul, y'all. That's comin out of somebody's mama's assistance check! Money she'll probably need to rebuild her burnt down house. All so Sinbad could buy a few more rounds of Grey Goose Martini's for some Caribbean island shortys? Dude - if your personality's not enough to get a shorty to consider doing the grown up with you - take it from ol Ty - keep on walkin!

So I'm a little bummed tonight y'all. A brother is conflicted over this one. I prefer to remember Sinbad as he once was and chalk this tax nonsense up to his alter ego David Adkins. Now David Adkins just sounds like a tax cheat, doesn't he?



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