Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dog Chapman: Where's The Surprise?

Wassup, Y'all!

Come on now! How many of you are actually surprised that Dog Chapman freely tosses around the N-word in everyday conversation? Anyone? Please. Funny thing with homeboy is that if you listen to his conversation, he actually realizes that the word has now become a virtual third rail for media careers - uttered at your peril - and ironically, the situation he feared would come to pass by his son dating a southside shorty has actually come to pass. Another golden goose cooked. Another lame azz apology launched...

Far more insidious are the suppositions of the northside intelligensia. When Dog talks, who's listening to that fool? But when a nobel laureate like James Watson - a man awarded the Nobel Prize for helping to 'reveal the secrets of DNA' - talks, far more people are willing to listen and lend credence to whatever he says. Like when he recently busted out the oldie but goody saw saying that "it's wrong to assume the intelligence of Africans is 'the same as ours.'" Yes, y'all holy William Shockley, Batman! Here we have another well respected northsider trying to infer that southsiders are genetically wired to be less intelligent than northsiders. If that's the case, I respectfully offer up Dog Chapman as southsider's People's Exhibit A.

Thankfully, Watson's own colleagues seem genuinely distressed about his ill stated comment. I'm assuming Dog's jailed colleagues in prisons around the nation will also be stepping forward and making similar statements in the days to come.

'Nuff said on this ruckus.



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