Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ain't That Much Acting in the World

Wassup, Y'all!

First, sorry for being AWOL for so long. A brother's been distracted by a few things and needs to redevelop some focus, so while I got a little bit I thought I'd relate my view on acting, or more specifically, how Ol Ty could *never* kick it with a shorty actress. Now I'm not saying I'm the jealous type, but I can't say I'd be feelin' seeing some buster gettin' busy with my boo - I don't care how 'professional' they were about it. Anyway, word reached the basement recently that ex-spouses Rick Fox and Vanessa Willams are kicking it again on the set of ABC's Ugly Betty! Now, last I heard the split was fuel by speculation about Rick being at a party in the shower with a chair and a revolving line of blonds. Given that, Vanessa must be jonesin' for a Fox Fix to ever be in the same room with homey, let alone playing lovers on TV...

For my loyal Malone Zone Basement Dwellers, y'all will remember I weighed in on Rick's dumb a$$ way back in August 2004 (including the fact that it was Rick who dropped the papers on 'Nessa - talk about a bold play! Get caught then act indignant!) so while it's possible that time heals all wounds I have to think that there's something else going on up in this mug. Exhibit A: Southside shortys don't play that noise. It's a wonder Rick didn't end up with a face full of hot grits or accidentally walk into a knife twenty times for some alledged ruckus like that.

Okay - I know Vanessa is 50/50 northside/southside so it's possible that the northside 50% was encouraging her to be a little more reasonable and to think about the kids. Yeah, yeah, whatever. That doesn't get you past Exhibit B: Vanessa may be getting a little long in the tooth but I have to believe that she could pull some any other brother...

Then again, maybe it is all about acting and 'Nessa's being the bigger person and trying to throw ol boy a bone now that he's retired from basketball and is trying to get his acting career off the ground. Wow - have homeboy/shorty relations evolved to that point yet? If so, I have to give 'Nessa big dap on that and reiterate the point I made in that August 2004 post - Rick, you still a big a$$ dummy.



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