Monday, October 15, 2007

OJ about to get Vicked!

Wassup, Y'all!

I know you've been waiting on ol Ty to weigh in on the whole OJ deal. Well after listening to the wherefores and whatnots with my boyz 'Tini Mack and Cat Daddy and in the wake of recent news - there's no time like the present. First, to explain this post's title, word has reached the basement that the 2008 Spring issue of the Oxford Southside English Dictionary will feature the new slang verb, 'Vicked', which is defined thusly:

Transitive Verb - betray somebody: to do or say something harmful to somebody after pretending to be a friend. Usage: Dude - the po po is looking for you! Your boyz just vicked you!

Now it came as a small surprise that the original victim of vicking - Michael Vick - had some boyz with triflin' character (since he was their Golden Goose), but OJ's azz? Well now that brother should have seen his vicking coming from a mile away...

Tale of Two Knuckleheads - My boyz and I did some tall pontificating on OJ's recent troubles and we were quick to compare his reaction to a surprise 'Not Guilty' verdict to that of Tito's brother, Michael Jackson. In both cases there was a national uproar over both men's (applied loosely to M-Jac) acquittals in the face of what folks believed was overwhelming evidence. M-Jac's reaction? To beat feet, get the hell out of Dodge and settle into a lush lifestyle over in Dubai or Bahrain or wherever. Folks overseas still love his eccentric, soft spoken azz and he can still command top dollar for performing for the sheiks and their kids. This ploy also allowed him to deploy the patented 'out of sight, out of mind' oke-doke so he can slowly emerge down the road when the only question asked will be: Where the heck has that brother (applied loosely to M-Jac) been?

OJ, on the other hand, decided to go the other route. He decided to stay in the country, stay in the public eye and keep rubbin' it in everybody's face that he was free and could still do whatever he damn well pleased. The brother was so desperate to retain a shred of what he once had that he continued to play 'The Emperor Has No Clothes' role and fool himself that folks weren't waiting for his dumb azz to slip up again. Next thing you know he's conducting his own sting operation, busting into a hotel room with a crew of his boyz, acting all brody (see definition #2). All to steal back reclaim some sports memorabilia he claimed was he could sell it undercover and not have to fork the money over to Fast Freddie Goldman who has made it his personal mission to vacuum every last available ducet from OJ's pocket to go satisfy the multi-million dollar civil judgement his family won. OJ could have been kicking it over in Dubai too - making money and letting Fast Freddie figure out how to get the cheddar through a foreign legal system. Did he? Nope - he pulled together a crew of boyz and ultimately ended up gettin' his dumb azz vicked.

Don't cry for him, Argentina! The truth is what goes around, comes around and stupid is as stupid does. It'd be funny if he ended up in the cell next to Mike Vick!



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